ODE To Summer

How I long to see

People skiing on the lake on a clear day.

How long I to see

Cricket players diving for the ball and hitting the ball for a six or four.

How I long to feel 

Your heat on a beautiful day at the lakes or at sports.

How long to you  come 

Summer holidays I miss the long break away from school.

Where are you? 

By Angus




What I like about winter is playing rugby on cold winter days. Another thing I like about winter is finding snow and playing in snow. But my favourite thing to do is play rugby in the winter. What I dislike about winter is the cold weather. Winter is my second favourite winter because the weather is cold and we cant go to the lakes and we cant drive around as much because it is cold in the winter.

Things I’ve learned about the water cycle.

In our class we have been learning about the water cycle the last few weeks and I learned some real cool stuff about it.

There is still the same amount of water in the world since the world started and we could be drinking water that Dinosaurs have drunk.

I learnt that surface runoff is water from rain, snow melt  or other sources that flow over surfaces on land and condensation.