Dansey’s Pass Trial Ride.

Last Saturday we had the Danseys Pass trial ride. The Dansey’s Pass trial ride is a fundraiser for Duntroon school the money goes to the school . On Saturday I helped on a job for some of the morning then I went to ride the tracks. There were 6 tracks Junior which was 7 km, Family that was 20 ish km, Intermediate that was 35 km, then Advance trees and Advance Tussock  that were around 42 km and 48 km. Then the last track was the extreme that was 35 km but it was a hard track. The tracks I did were family 3 or  4 times and junior once and intermediate once. My favorite track I rode was the intermediate. I fell off my bike once and bent my handle bars.  I had a good weekend riding and helping out the school!


3 things I could change If I could.

  1. The first thing I would change is get rid of Covid 19 because its killing to many people and people need a break from it. People are also getting annoyed because its been going on for too long.

2. The second thing I would change is Racism because its crawl and its real crawl  when someone says  raciest things about other people. People that say raciest stuff are mean and crawl and I wish I could change it. Its not the persons folt that there a different skin color or anything like that.

3. The third thing I would change is poverty because I hate seeing people homeless out on the streets and I feel really sorry when I see homeless people. They deserve to have a house and food and everything.