10 facts about me.

  1.  I am a good motor bike rider and I like riding motor bikes.
  2. I want to be a farmer when I’m older.
  3. I like playing cricket and I play for North Otago
  4. My favorite cricket player is Martian Guptill.
  5. My favorite rugby player is Josh Ioane.
  6. My favorite Basket ball player is Lebron James.                                                                 
  7. I like mountain biking.
  8. I play touch and I enjoy playing it.
  9. I like doing Maths.
  10. I support the Highlanders in rugby                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Growth mind set.

A growth mind set is important to me because  I cant give up when I’m playing all my sports this year. I also need one when I’m in class when our work gets harder so I can’t give up. I need a growth mind set when I’m riding on the five forks and Dansey’s pass trial ride. I need a growth mind set when I’m playing cricket as well. I’ll need a growth mind set this year when we go snow skiing. I have had a growth a mind set when I was riding on the Dansey’s pass Intermediate track.

100 wc – number 20

One sunny day a kid decided to ride his brand new yellow bike. So he hopped on his bike and he decided where he was going to go and he decided to go to the river because it was such a hot day and it was a great day for a swim. But, the river is an hour away.  On the way to the river he was biking down the road and he saw these weird people so he dropped his new bike and ran. The people taped his new bike to the pole so he couldn’t use it again.

Remeber Writing

That was summer 


Remember that time

you were so excited to go to cricket

To play in the Central South Island cricket tournament

And play hard teams and get challenged 

Like you never had been before? 

That was summer.


Remember that time 

You went out to face some of the fastest bowlers

 but you were so excited

And once you got out you were a bit nervous because

You didn’t want a golden duck 

To let your team down?

That was summer.


Remember that time 

You went out to bowl and tried to get 

Some wickets for your team to try to win the game

But your shoes kept slipping because you 

Didn’t have any grip?


That was summer.


By Angus


What Im looking forward to this year.

This year Im looking forward to doing some trial rides on my new motorbike with some of my mates. Im also looking forward to ski camp at school beacuse we dont go skiing. Im also looking forward to sports this year beause Im going up a grade in every sport so I can play with my mates. Im also looking forward to going on camp to the Lewis pass but Im not looking forward for the drive. Im also looking forward for tech.