Playing hard -Angus

                                                   Playing hard


Driving to rugby on Friday night was nerve wracking because we were playing the town team. When we got to the Maheno rugby grounds  we saw the town team warming up ready for the game. So we quickly jumped on the field and  started warming up, talking about our game plan. The game started and  we knew we were going to play well.When we got on the field we were ready!!!!! 

In the first 5 to 10 minutes we scored the opening try of  the game and it was me who scored that first try. Then I  tackled, passed,stepped,dummy passed,and went to the ground because I got tackled. We got another try in the first half and we were winning 14-0 at half time. 

 In the second half the town team scored first.Then we scored by passing the ball through the backs to get the ball out to the wing and the wing sprinted to the try line for a try. We converted all of our tries. After  that the ball was everywhere. We were yelling at each other to hold on to the ball. After we tried a cross kick, it worked but we couldn’t pick the ball up cleanly. Then the town team got the ball and they scored again. After that it was the last play  of the game and we kicked the ball and we were celebrating because we won! Yahoo.

By Angus

Review of last week

Last week at school the year 7 and 8 s  were away doing tec. But us year sixes stay at school and do stuff for the week. So on Monday we did normal school work and planned what we were going to bake. On Monday afternoon we went to room 4 the youngest class in the school to teach them electricity. We used electrical sircuts and we teached them how do use electricity. Then on Tuesday we baked and me and Sofi baked afghans and it didn’t go so well. Then on Wenesday we did normal school again then on Thursday we made nachos for lunch and they were good and we made some for camp.Then on Friday the year 7 and 8 s came back.

MY last game of rugby!!!

On Saturday I had my last game of rugby and it was a good game of rugby I scored 2 tries and we got like 5 tries all together. But we lost by 1 try the end score was 21 19 to the other team but we played our hardest in the game.Before my game I had to coach my little brother team because his coaches wern’t there. BUT they lost as well they lost 17 tries  to 3 but it was a good game to.

100 WC week 47

One day I got in my car and the rubber on my tyres were so frozen because we’d had a -13 frost. When I started driving to work I saw this striped zebra that was starving for food. So I stopped and I went to go get some hay from the shed beside the striped zebras  paddock.  When I went in his paddock I gave the zebra his hay and he was so excited I had food for him.Then I walked over to his water.  His water was frozen so I broke the ice for him in his trough

The 100 WC


 One time  I was walking down the road to school. Then I saw a donkey. He wanted a pat because he walked to the fence and talked to me, so I patted  him and carried on walking to school. Then I kept on walking and I came across another donkey. He wanted a pat too so I patted him for a while.Then I kept on walking but when I looked behind me he was following me. So,   I decided to go back and ride him to school. So I ride him to school for the day and I took him home after school.    



MY weekend.

On Saturdy before rugby we had to go feed calves. Then once we finished calves we had to go feed some lambs that needed milk. After that we headed to Kurow for rugby we were playing kurow in kurow. I scored a try. But we lost against kurow 34 14. Then on Saturday we went down to the blues highlanders game. The Highlanders lost sadly but it was a good game.