100 Word Challenge – week 35

Once upon a time, Max my dog and I,  and my whole family went to the  stream. Me and my 5 year old brother went swimming down the stream while mum went to get lunch and dad went to look at the cattle. Then my dog Max came swimming behind us, and we thought mum had taken our little sister Maggie. But, we heard a scream so Max quickly jumped on land and quickly rushed up before she fell in. Then mum and dad came back and they said well done Max, you saved her life! Good boy Max, thank you !!!!!!!!!!



My Weekend

In the weekend i went to Omarama after school on Friday. We went to Omarama because its the first weekend we could get off the farm. In Omarama we went for a bike ride and we went to the BMX track and Hamish went up this hill and fell off. He grazed the side of his leg quit bad then when we got home he put like 10 plastics on it then we went home on Sunday afternoon. When we got home we had to go shift some stuff because there was some stuff coming in the morning for the cows.Then i went to ride my motorbike on my track.

Being back at School

Being back at school is fun because you get to see all your friends. You get to play games at morning tea at lunch with your friends. And you get to see your teacher again and your teacher is a way better teacher than your Mum or Dad. School work is much funny to do at school because you can sit beside people and have a little chat. Being back at school feels so good and I am happy to be back to see my friends and my teacher.

100 Word Challenge

Today we decided to take our motorbikes, which are red and white, and go fast on a new track.  It was so much fun, lots of twist, turns and jumps.  Although Dad had told us not to go that way, we did not listen.

Now we are at the top, I wish we had! The ride down was going to be thrill seeking.  But should I really do this?  Heck yes we should, and boy it was epic, it was steep, lots of jumps, the best ride ever!

Sorry Dad but I’m glad we did’nt listen, that was great fun