My favourite avatar

I choose this image to use instead of an avatar because its my favourite sports team. They are called the Highlanders they are a  rugby team  and there from Dunedin in New Zealand. They go all over the world to play rugby but they play in Dunedin sometimes because its their home stadium.

I like the highlanders because they have a lot of my favourite players and they are a good rugby team. When my family  goes to watch them we all ways go and have photos and get signatures with them.

My Favourite book

My favourite book is a rugby book called Aaron Cruden the Beginners Guide To Rugby because it tells you a lot of skills and actions in rugby. Like if you were beginning to be a referee it would have all the actions in it for you and it tells you all the stuff you need to play rugby. He shows you pictures of him playing rugby and he is a kicker so he kicks the the ball over the posts so he tells you and shows you how to kick a ball over the posts. There’s pictures of the numbers set up on the flied so if you want to play rugby you can choose a number and also number 1 to 8 is forwards and 9 to 15 are backs.Then number 16 to 20 are reserved forwards and 21 to 23 are reserved backs.

100 word challenge

Once upon a time my family went for a walk and we walked for ten km and they counted the signs on the way to the cafe and we got fifty six signs they read all fifty six and there were two hundred and fifty words on all  56 signs. We had a drink and something to eat at the cafe for lunch then we decided to walk  two more ks and we got ten more signs and then we turned round .Then we walked back and relisted we had mist a sign so we counted 57 signs and that’s that….





2 weeks ago I went to Auckland for a wedding. We had to leave my house in  North  Otago at 7:30 am we got in Christchurch at 11 am. We fly on a plane out of  Christchurch at 1 pm and landed in Auckland  2:30 pm. Then we got our rental car and we were staying at a place called Muriwai and it was a good beach house. Then the next day we had a wedding in the country and it was raining in the morning and fine in the afternoon luckily the wedding was in the afternoon. We went to the wedding at 3:00 pm and didn’t get home to 11:30 pm. Then the next day we went to a friend’s place and went out for lunch and then the next day we fly home