Term 1 review

This Term I have enjoyed having youth town come and teach us games I have      enjoyed them coming because I have learned new fun games. I have also learned new games at PE. In class I have really enjoyed math doing area and perimeter and starting on volume. I have really enjoyed explanation writing because I have got better and better ever piece of writing. I liked doing swimming sports making it to North Otagos. I am also pleased with my 100 club because I have stayed above 95

My learning this term has been good I have learned new things. Some of the new things I have learned are learning perimeter and area and starting to learn volume in math. I feel real good about my learning this term because I have been working towards 4 in all my work. This Term the things I have found difficult are in bench ball not doing 1 handers in math I have found volume difficult but we haven’t done much of it. One more thing I have found difficult is  doing area on Mathletices.

Benmore Dam visit

On the 1st of April Duntroon went to the  Benmore Dam to learn about the dam. We went to the dam because our topic was about renewable  energy  last year we were going to go but because of Covid we couldn’t go until this year.  I learned that where the Dam is now that the river used to be there. I also learned how much a generated can hold. One more thing I learned how many times A turbine spins a minute. My favorite  part was going into the dam and seeing what was in there my favorite thing in the dam was seeing the turbine spin and seeing how big the pen stokes from under them. I also like watching the turbine spin.