My favourite childhood memory

My favourite childhood memory is one day we where bringing the cows into the cattle yards to drench them.Then we got them into the race and my parents and my Granddad where drenching and I crab the spray paint and sprayed it all over my face. My parent and Granddad turned around and yelled your face is green so we finished drenching and we started to get the paint off but not all of it came off.





Where I’m From

Where I’m From 

             [Inspired by George Ella Lyon]


I am from a huge farm that has endless paddocks.

I am from a busy farm that never stops working.

I am from cold rugby fields on a  winter morning.  


I’m from a family of four.

I’m from Georgetown.

I’m from lakes, water skiing and biscuiting.  


By Angus


Hi there world

Hi there,

My names Angus I’m ten and I live on a farm in North Otago.


In my family I have parents called Ross and Belinda and a younger brother called Hamish. In the holidays I like skiing and biscuit rides behind the boat.I like riding my dirt bikes in my spare time.


The sports I like playing are cricket, touch, hockey and rugby. I play hockey and rugby in the winter and I play cricket and touch in the summer.