Review of this term

This term we have had youth town. Youth town is a company that comes out to schools and plays games with schools. At the start at this term we played keyarakey and that was probably my favorite game we have played with them.Then at the end of the term we played Tchocukball and that was pretty fun to. In keyarakey u have to hit a barrow and thats how you get points. IN Tchouckball you have to it a next to get points.

Who is my hero.

MY famous hero is Dan carter because he is the best kicker ever. He is my hero because he is a first five and that is what position I play and I like him because he is good at all kinds of kicks He is also my hero because he does lots of line breaks and lots of good moves. I want to make it to the All blacks like him one day and be the All Blacks first five.



Friday when the year 7 and 8s were away

On Friday I had to go to my brothers class room 3. In room 3 we helped them with their work and I helped the with there poems and spelling and I went to the library with them. In the library I read a hunting magazine with some of the kids there room. Then in the afternoon we did painting with them and they made blossom trees. They made the blossom trees by using there hand arm as the trunk and use there fingers for the painting.

100WC week 48

My experience in lock down was fun because we live on a farm. In lock down I would quickly get up out of bed to do my homework so I could go out on the farm. In lock down we only had to do 2 hours of school work instead of 6 hours. The benefits of    Lock down. You got to go on the farm and we only had to do 2 hours of school work.The negatives were we couldn’t go anywhere and we couldn’t see our friends or go to their houses. But I loved lock down because it was fun in particular.