Diary Entry 20 of April

In the weekend on Saturday it was raining so we watched some movies and we went on the farm to run some calves of so they don’t make a mess in the grass paddock. On Sunday we went on the farm to jab a bull.  Then we went to look at the bulls on the fodderbeet and there was no power.  So we went to investigate and the bulls had been fighting and they had pushed one through the fence, so we fixed the fence then we chased the bull back through.

Dairy Entry 17 of April

Yesterday I did my homework in the morning and talked to Mrs Campbell and the year 6’s. Then I went to get calves out of the paddock with dad and our worker Sarah we took them over to the yards so we could drench them and give them B’12. We had a 11:20 lunch because the vet was coming at 12:00. But Ian our granddad got drench in his eye I don’t know how because he had glasses  apparently the drench gun was on his chest and it squirted up It looked like it hurt. Then the vet came she was new to Oamaru because she was from the North  Island and she was very nice her name was Ella.




Yesterday’s book review

I only started reading my David Walliams book yesterday but didn’t write a review on it yesterday. Yesterday’s reading also  involved reading with Hamish. We read the Little Bulldozer Helps Again.

I choose to read this with him because he was a little unsure of what was happening with the online schooling.  And it made him happy.

The book was great it was about a little bulldozer who always gets told he is too little to help.  But the big truck gets stuck and guess who came to the rescue … yes you got it the little bulldozer.


Dairy Entry

The past few weeks I’ve been riding my motorbike and Farming and getting bored because there’s nothing to do sometimes. The Lockdown is definitely making life harder because there’s no sport and you can’t see your friends. Also you can’t see your Grandparents or your cousins or go on a holiday.







The Midnight Gang

I started reading this book called The Midnight Gang yesterday and it’s by David Wailiams. He’s one of my favourite authors but not my favourite one. The book is about a boy who goes to a boarding school and the midnight gang take him to a hospital. His parents are rich but they travel a lot so he hardly sees them. David Williams is a English book writer. I have nearly all of his books except for one that is Demon Dentist and all of his books are pretty good. I’m up to chapter 3.


Strange weather

On Monday morning we went out to feed out bales in the tractor and we got the bales out of a tube. Then we put the bales out the front of the house where all the machinery is parked. So we put 10 bales out the front  then we took three over the road and we feed out two bales and then it started pouring down. I got wet because I was opening all the gates and tapes then a big bolt of lightning flashed the sky and our dog called Fred got scared. Then we put the third bale out then we waited till the rain calmed down but it didn’t so we went back and i put the tapes up then hopped in the tractor. Then our dog came out of the paddock and didn’t follow us in the tractor so I got him to come to the tractor then dad lifted him in the tractor and he lay down in the tractor. When we got home he jumped out of the tractor to his kennel.