100 word challenge #22

Early last week I woke up and looked at my calendar. I realized today was a busy day at school. I had to rush because today school started early and I had an important maths test. So I quickly got dressed and put on my white top and it was so dirty I had to put it in the washing machine. Then I had honey on toast  and it was very sticky so I had to wash my hands, then rush off to catch the bus. When I got on the bus a minuscule plastic ball hit me real hard.

Novel review

For my novel I was reading See you in the Cosmos. This book is about a boy named Alex that lives in Rockveiw and he makes a rocket and goes to SHARFT which is a place where people launch rockets. He tries to find his dad but he died and he met his step sister and his mum has something wrong with her. This book was a good book but I don’t think the book was finished. My favourite character is Alex because he is  adventurous,funny and very cool. I think 11 and 12 year olds would enjoy reading this book.


Black smiths.

Last week on Monday we went to the blacksmiths for our school topic about Duntroon. Me and bray were partners down at the blacksmiths. We made a hook to hang stuff on. We made 1 hook between us. We made the hook by making the metal hot to make it soft  a few times.  We banged it to create the curve of  make the hook then we twisted the metal. Then we banged it a few times. Then we had finished making the hook. Then we went out the back to make  holes in the hook to put on the wall with the electric drill then we had done.



100 WC week 33 ( 21)

In the weekend  I was riding my motorbike near the sea. We took a whole that of cool tracks but then we saw this real easy track so we took it and at the end was this real cool old building. So we hoped off our bikes and had a look at it. So we walked up the stairs to the top and we found a light and we said its a old lighthouse from years ago. We tried to get inside it and we got in and we tried to turn the light house on and it did turn on.

My first Basketball game

Last Wednesday I played my first ever Basketball game ever and we played Waitaki Valley and we won 98 8 it was a good first game I enjoyed my first game of Basketball Beacuse I had a good game and I got around 18 points it was a grading game but I really enjoyed it and I’m excited for tonight against Weston. Basketball is my third favourite sport now. I enjoyed Basketball.

My Favourite Novel

My  favourite novel I have read is Walking into the Fire by Gary Cross. I read this in class in reading with my group. Its about the Japaneses bombing heaps of places with planes. There is people trying to run from the Japanese bombing everything. There trying to get to Singapore to her mum or dad that went there. This is my favourite novel.


100 World Challenge Week #30 (21)

 100 Word Challenge


One day I was walking home from School and I saw a door open in a house so I walked closer and closer to the door. Then I took a step into the room and suddenly darkness enveloped the room. Then the door slammed shut and I was in the middle of a dark room in the middle of nowhere. With some people but I don’t know who. Then someone touched my shoulder and I turned around and it was my big brother pranking me with his friends. Then he let me go and I ran home.

April holiday

On the first week of the holidays we went to Omarama for a holidays. Me and my brother took our mountain bikes to Omarama to go do mountain biking. We also went and played basketball on the basketball court. It was pretty fun in Omarama having a catch up with some friends.  In the second week of the holidays we juts hanged around the farm and I had some sports on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday  we juts hang around the  farm doing work.  Then on Thursday I had a cricket training thing and then after that I had rugby practice for a hour or so. Then I went to a mates after for the night. Then on Friday I went Home and on Saturday we just chilled. Then on Sunday we went to a cuzzy day on Sunday afternoon.

Term 1 review

This Term I have enjoyed having youth town come and teach us games I have      enjoyed them coming because I have learned new fun games. I have also learned new games at PE. In class I have really enjoyed math doing area and perimeter and starting on volume. I have really enjoyed explanation writing because I have got better and better ever piece of writing. I liked doing swimming sports making it to North Otagos. I am also pleased with my 100 club because I have stayed above 95

My learning this term has been good I have learned new things. Some of the new things I have learned are learning perimeter and area and starting to learn volume in math. I feel real good about my learning this term because I have been working towards 4 in all my work. This Term the things I have found difficult are in bench ball not doing 1 handers in math I have found volume difficult but we haven’t done much of it. One more thing I have found difficult is  doing area on Mathletices.

Benmore Dam visit

On the 1st of April Duntroon went to the  Benmore Dam to learn about the dam. We went to the dam because our topic was about renewable  energy  last year we were going to go but because of Covid we couldn’t go until this year.  I learned that where the Dam is now that the river used to be there. I also learned how much a generated can hold. One more thing I learned how many times A turbine spins a minute. My favorite  part was going into the dam and seeing what was in there my favorite thing in the dam was seeing the turbine spin and seeing how big the pen stokes from under them. I also like watching the turbine spin.