The country I want to visit is Scotland

I want to go to Scotland to see all the animals there that we don’t see that much  in New Zealand like highland cows and buffaloes and much more animals but we do not have buffaloes in New Zealand. Scotlands population is 5.50 million in 2020. The most popular sports in Scotland is  golf and football. Scotland mostly only talks Engilsh.





MY holiday

In the first week of the holidays we went to Queenstown  for a holiday off the farm and it was so fun in Queenstown we did hydro attack its this shark that goes in the lake.Then we went on the luge and we went to Cromwell race track and we did heaps more. Then on the second week we were back on the farm and I love the farm so I wasn’t to worried I had to work on the farm with my dad and my brother. Then the last weekend of the holidays we had this Isbister family get together.

hydro attack

                                                                                   Cromwell   race track