100 WC week 33 ( 21)

In the weekend  I was riding my motorbike near the sea. We took a whole that of cool tracks but then we saw this real easy track so we took it and at the end was this real cool old building. So we hoped off our bikes and had a look at it. So we walked up the stairs to the top and we found a light and we said its a old lighthouse from years ago. We tried to get inside it and we got in and we tried to turn the light house on and it did turn on.

One thought on “100 WC week 33 ( 21)”

  1. Hi Angus,

    What a fabulous adventure!

    I think I was actually more excited that you got to explore the trails on motorbikes, than actually your discovery of the lights working.

    Well done,
    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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